Uvex Helix C500 cut protection safety gloves

Uvex Helix C500 cut protection safety gloves

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uvex C500 cut protection safety gloves range

The C500 cut protection safety gloves range set new standards in protection, comfort, flexibility, dexterity and economy. Our new high-tech product concept with highest cut level 5 combines all of these properties. Available in eight versions which are suitable for dry or wet and oily conditions: uvex C500, uvex C500 wet, uvex C500 wet plus, uvex C500 dry, uvex C500 foam. In addition a cut resistant uvex C500 sleeve is available.

Benefits overview

  • Patented uvex Bamboo TwinFlex┬« Technology
  • Innovative SoftGrip coating
  • Safety gloves with highest cut resistance level 5
  • Highest wearing comfort due to uvex climazone
  • Outstanding tactile feel of the cut-resistant safety glove
  • High abrasion-resistance
  • Flexible cut-resistant safety gloves
  • Silicone-free according to imprint test
  • Length: approx. 27 cm
  • Sizes: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, (uvex C500 sleeve: M, L)
  • Different coatings available (please compare catalogue for details)
  • Notice: uvex C500, uvex C500 dry and uvex C500 sleeve with EN 388 Performance Level (254X).
  • uvex C500 XG equipped with uvex Xtra Grip Technology coating
  • uvex C500 pure suitable for food-industry
  • uvex C500 foam suitable for multi-touch operations at industrial monitors